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             Welcome to - where you find your dream NYC investment property. 
          If you are looking to purchase or sell commercial property in New York City and its surroundings, we are here to help. 
          We specialize in office buildings, multi-unit residential rental buildings, development sites, hotels, industrial properties, relail, commercial condos
          Our main territory is Manhattan, but we also work with properties in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Long Island, and New Jersey


Partial list of our available deals this week (last updated 07/08/14)

Description Location Max Size Asking Price
Corner property in one of the busiest streets of New York's Downtown.
4 story building, can me delivered vacant air rights up to 14,500 SF
Asking price: $4.35 mil
Financial District    14500  $300 per SF
Commercial building for sale with major institutional tenant, 30 years NNN lease. Great location.
16 story
Cap rate: 5.5%
Asking: $100 mil
Downtown NYC    0  $ 
Hotel for sale in Little Italy, New York
41 rooms + Restaurant on the ground floor
The subject Hotel is none-union
Asking price: $25 mil
Soho    15000  $ 
9 Ave
Two contiguous mix use buildings for sale in Hell's Kitchen.
36 apartments + 4 stores
Great location, close to everything.
All apartments are free market
50' of frontage.
Size: 20,000 SF
Total buildable size: 31,000 SF
Asking price: $18.5 mil
Midtown West    31000  $596 per SF
E 37 St
Development site for sale
Lot dimensions: 51 ft x 98 ft
FAR: 10
Buildable: 50,000 SF
Zoning: C5-2 (hotel, residential, commercial use)
Price: submit proposal
Midtown East    50000  $ 
W 80 St
5 story walk-up building for sale.
9600 SF.
Five floor-through luxury apartments, consisting of one duplex convertible four-bedroom unit and four convertible three-bedroom units. Every unit has high-ceilings, oversized windows and high-end finishes, including open kitchens with stainless steel appliances and modern bathrooms.
All units are free-market, occupied with 1 year leases. A condominium declaration has been filed establishing five single residential condominium units within the building.
Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for an investor to earn an attractive return on a rental property, while
preserving the flexibility to realize significant upside on a condominium sale basis as the market strengthens. One of Manhattan’s most desirable neighborhoods. Close to Central Park and to local attractions such as the American Museum of Natural History and Lincoln Center. Easy access to the subways.
4.75% current CAP rate
5.3% Pro Forma CAP rate
Price: $8.95 mil
Upper West Side    9600  $932
W 20 St
Four story walk up Apartment Building for sale at: $5,400,000
Building Size: 7,700 SF
Lot Size: 2,500 SF
No. Rooms: 34 (SRO)
All units have kitchens and some are with bathrooms.
29 units are free market, the rest (5) units are old SRO tenants occupied.
The building has undergone major renovations in the past years and was recently upgraded with a new roof, replacement of walls and re-flooring to assure a more efficient operation and minimize operating cost for years to come. The renovation has revitalized the building and has appealed to a higher level of tenants, increasing the value of the building and its rent roll.
NOI: $310K
Cap rate: 6.3%
Chelsea    7700  $623 per SF
For more information on any of these buildings please call (347) NYC-8181 or 347-692-8181 

If you do not see what you are looking for - please call us, we have many more properties, most of them are off-market.
We upload new listings often, so please revisit our website soon for a new update, or contact us with your requirements.

If you have property to sell, we have a very large rolodex of buyers who can close very fast.

Why Sell Off-Market? 

 - The MLS Never Forgets. Negative listing history can compromise perceived value of the property. Length of market time, price reduction history and too much exposure are all negative. Every extra day a listing on MLS is not sold brings closer to the "bottom shelf" opportunity. The way to ensure a property stays fresh all the time is to keep it off-market.

 - Weather you have multi-family residential, office building or any other type of property, directly marketing to a pool of qualified buyers creates the element of exclusivity. Since the property is not on the open market, the deal feels special and this creates a sense of urgency.

 - Unlisted deals get the most attention from acquisition managers. Listed properties are forwarded to acquisition managers by multiple brokers (over and over) which creates the perception that a property has been “shopped” around. A property loses momentum when a buyer feels that all of their competition has seen it and it has not yet sold. This momentum loss can snowball and kill a property's marketability.

 - Hand delivering a private offering to a potential buyer ensures freshness and keeps it a “top shelf” opportunity. This is a proactive marketing model vs. the passive model (list and pray for an offer).

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